Ilusion Caravaning, fabricante de autocaravanas en Europa

About us



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Ilusion Caravaning

Manufacturers of leisure vehicles with more than thirty years of experience. ILUSION helps you to reach the destination of your dreams.

ILUSION is much more than a brand, it is a way of understanding life with positivism, a lot of dedication and, above all, putting our soul into the products we make.

Behind our brand there is a team of people with great values, with a lot of experience and with two characteristics in common: our LOVE FOR THE WORK and THE GREAT PASSION FOR THE CARAVANING WORLD.

The secret of our success

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At ILUSION we do everything we can to make your holiday even better. And we do this on the basis of solid knowledge, many years of experience and a genuine passion for caravanning.

Find out for yourself!

Our vocation for good work and teamwork allows us to move forward every year.

With the presentation of an increasingly select and differentiating product range.

With an ever-evolving R+D+I, with a fundamental focus on the safety and quality of the vehicles we produce, with a reduction in internal noise and vibrations of more than 50% compared to other vehicles with similar characteristics, with a production line that is “very much ours”, managed by expert engineers and technicians, with an extensive professional experience and with a “unique” carpentry due to its assembly system and construction of our custom-made furniture, we manage to stand out from the rest of the products on the market, providing our “made in Spain” touch with a modern, timeless, classy and Mediterranean style.

Ilusion is currently based in Spain, in Aragon, in the province of Zaragoza, a key point both in terms of industry and logistics.

We invite you to get to know us through this website!

Ilusion brings you sunshine and a smile wherever you want to go!

Our motto: “always moving“

Our History

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Our philosophy is “Freedom of movement to choose the destination on the move” and with the house on your back to change plans without being conditioned by the accommodation. Who has not ever considered, when passing through a place that fascinates you, to forget the world and stay enjoying the moment, happiness is moments and we want you to enjoy them with us.

ILUSION Motorhomes offer you this and much more, as they are designed to enjoy your holidays with your family, as a couple, alone or shared with your best friends or those you will meet during your trip.