Ilusion Caravaning, fabricante de autocaravanas en Europa

XMK Series


Everything you need to enjoy a dream holiday with your family and friends.



  • Fiat Ducato “New generation” cab
  • New lowered chassis with widened axle provides superior stability and helps for a smoother ride
  • 16″ aluminium alloy wheels for 35 light chassis, for a sportier look (lighter weight)

  • Bodywork with FIBROPLAST, a technical, lightweight and water-repellent material with high stability
  • Polyester exterior cladding (roof, walls and floor) for durability, insulation and waterproofing
  • ABS skirts in white
  • White spoiler with aerodynamic design
  • Inner wheel arch and entrance step in high-strength polyester

  • TRUMA Combi 4000 with control CP Classic
  • Combi 6E or Combi 6DE (Diesel) as option


High-quality, stain-resistant and highly resistant upholstery. Choose between graphite (grey tones) or sahara (cream tones).